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Why having a professional LinkedIn profile is important?

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This is a very simple question which a novice jobseeker may ask, especially those who are new to social media networks.

Indeed, why is having a professional LinkedIn profile important? Here are some reasons:

  1. Your professional LinkedIn profile is your identity for your colleagues just as Facebook is with your friends. It captures your career history, your achievements and many other important aspects.
  2. Your professional LinkedIn profile is a step above your Resume any day, mainly due to the features such as adding connections, joining groups and following Companies and influencers.
  3. Your professional LinkedIn profile is your gateway to recruiters and employers worldwide. Just try connecting on and you will know why!
  4. Your professional LinkedIn profile gives you the ability to apply for jobs for free, get business leads for free and read other professional Resumes absolutely for free.
  5. Your professional LinkedIn professional is a complete alternative to your Resume and can be used much beyond and easily as compared to your Resume.

Indeed the above are reasons enough for you to have a professional LinkedIn profile.

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