Terms and Conditions – LinkedIn writing – Resume writing

LinkedIn writing

We are registered in Chennai, India by the name of Talent Canvas and state that Golinked is one of our virtual establishments dedicated to providing LinkedIn profile writing and Resume writing solutions.

The main website can be accessed on www.talentcanvas.biz.

Some common T&C for LinkedIn writing and Resume writing solutions include the following:

  1. The individuals availing our services must be willing in writing via email to share their Resume and personal details, which we shall keep 100% confidential.
  2. The fees discussed and agreed for the services need to be paid in advance to us, 100%. We, in turn do offer a Money-Back Guarantee if the work is not as committed. Only if the individual agrees to these Terms, we shall proceed with services. Flexibility is exercised from our end on this T&C and we expect the same from customers please!
  3. We shall not share any samples of LinkedIn profiles or Resumes with personal details etc. written by us randomly as profiles written by us are the copyright of our clients. Please check and discuss with us on email for the same and we will be happy to provide you with parts of various samples.
  4. The delivery deadline may be 4 days to 1 week to 10 days to even a month in cases where the individual is unable to discuss the progress etc.So please bear with it and give us enough time to complete all tasks.
  5. All updation done by us on your profile will be authorized by you at the time of discussion or on email, failing which we will only deliver the MS Word document with the write up.
  6. All customized Images we provide will be free from copyright issues. In case of issues, we will provide due replacements.
  7. All content we write will be free from plagiarism and will be derived from extensive research on LinkedIn, Google and other search engines.
  8. We do not guarantee Page 1 on Google for LinkedIn SEO services but our services will improve your rankings for sure.
  9. In a few cases, we may sign up a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with the client wherein the information is critical and the client feels the need to sign one.
  10. We will be able to provide a Co. invoice in the name of Talent Canvas where the client desires so.
  11. We will issue a full refund or a part refund on prorata basis in situations where we are unable to deliver services as discussed and agreed.
  12. All our relationship with clients are for the long-run based on Trust, Integrity and Mutual Respect and we commit to maintain ethics and professionalism at all levels.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We are not associated in any way directly or indirectly with Trademarked Co. LinkedIn. We are a writing solutions provider Co. registered as sole proprietor and all our assignments are provided as freelance services to clients worldwide.

If you have any other query and would like to contact us, kindly email at customer@golinked.in or Fill in the Contact Form Here.