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Why having a professional LinkedIn profile is important?

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This is a very simple question which a novice jobseeker may ask, especially those who are new to social media networks. Indeed, why is having a professional LinkedIn profile important? Here are some reasons: Your professional LinkedIn profile is your identity for your colleagues just as Facebook is with your friends. It captures your career […]

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5 killer LinkedIn writing tips to help your career

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Writing a killer LinkedIn profile not just exposes your profile to recruiters, employers and connects you to thousands of people, but it also helps in developing a long-term reputation on social media. Once you have your LinkedIn writing matched up to industry standards, you start receiving invitations from people continuously and that adds to your […]

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How to select the best LinkedIn profile rewriting services for your Resume

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Selecting a LinkedIn profile rewriting service among the many who offer similar services may indeed be a daunting task. When you do a Google search with a common term such as “Best LinkedIn Profile Writing Services” or “LinkedIn profile rewriting services”, there would be at least 10,000 search results with information about providers who offer […]