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9 Irresistible Strategies To Promote Your LinkedIn Account And LinkedIn Blog

Promoting your LinkedIn Profile and LinkedIn Pulse Blog are important because only then you can attract more people towards your profile, encourage them to connect with you and hire you or buy your products and services.

The 9 Strategies that have helped me find great traction are as follows:

#1 Email Marketing: I use this platform for it.
#2 Facebook Group Promotions: I have Groups of my own as well as promote them on other Groups.
#3 LinkedIn Group Promotions: Again, I created a Group a few years back as well as promote on other Groups.
#4 Google Paid Advertising: This is one of the best ways to advertise your profile, products as well as services.
#5 Facebook Paid Advertising: I have got several leads using this method so far. Create an account on business.facebook.com and you can start promoting your products too.
#6 LinkedIn Wall Updates: This is the most inexpensive and easiest way to promote your products and services.
#7 Sharing my links and articles to LinkedIn Connections via Inbox. This has also helped me tons in gaining traction.
#8 Strategic Social Media Organic Promotions, i.e., posting to multiple platforms at the same time using aggregation tools. I use this one.
#9 Perfect Regular SEO updation on my website besides putting up products and services with Buy Now buttons on my website. Looking to start your own website? This is a hosting space I recommend the best!

Connect with me for any queries on nandini@freedomwriters.in


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