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How To Use LinkedIn Profile For Branding Yourself Professionally

LinkedIn could be a job-seeker’s support system – however on condition that a job-seeker uses LinkedIn’s options to their advantage!

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I hear from several job-seekers WHO are thinking that merely making a LinkedIn profile can get them a good job. That’s false!

LinkedIn is like a Swiss army knife. It’s an implausible tool, however it does not do the work by itself.

Brand Yourself For The Job You Want

The biggest personal-branding mistake most job-seekers create is to mention miscellaneous job descriptions that are against their aspiration.

When someone sees your LinkedIn profile, it is vital to tell them right away what kind of job you are looking for.

That’s why impulsive titles like “Multi-Skilled Strategic Leader” are absolutely the worst. Bland, general titles like these do not tell the recruiters what you wish to try and do in your next job.

Likewise, when a job-seeker’s LinkedIn outline is too long, recruiters cannot figure out what kind of jobs they qualify for.

A recruiter or hiring manager in this situation will leave that job-seeker’s profile page rightaway and look for someone else to fill a job.

You have to define yourself for the particular jobs you wish, not each job you may remotely be qualified for.

Likewise, In your LinkedIn headlines and titles, you need to make it clear what kind of job you want.

Your headline establishes the frame — then your LinkedIn outline fills within the details!

If you do not grasp what quite job you wish, hiring managers and recruiters cannot help you figure it out! They don’t have time, and albeit it is not their job to grant you direction.

You may be qualified for dozens or a lot of jobs, but you will not look like an attractive candidate for any of those opportunities until you make the decision “What kind of job do I want?”

So this is when, Pick a collection of job titles to target in your job hunt and whole yourself for those jobs — not each job.

Announcing ‘Eligible’ Status

If you are not operating straight away, you’ll add the words “Seeking New Challenge” or the descriptor “ISO” (In Search Of) to your LinkedIn headline. That will tell recruiters and hiring managers you are on the market.

Putting Best Face Forward

[bctt tweet=”Make sure your LinkedIn profile picture shows you exactly the way you wish to be seen, professional and friendly.” username=”@talentcanvas1″]

It should present you as professionally as possible.

Whatever you are doing, do not leave your profile without adding a professional photo!

Employers typically do not view profiles without pictures as they do not consider them to be authentic or real.

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Getting Connected

Once you have a LinkedIn profile, you must add LinkedIn Connections! Invite your former colleagues and your friends to join you.

Try to add a minimum of fifty or sixty LinkedIn connections. More the no., more wider your network.

Recommending And Getting Recommended
Nothing speaks greatly of you than a wonderful recommendation from a former boss, colleague, vendor, customer or instructor.

Recommendations are a great way of saying thanks from those who admire you, in turn, recommending them is a great gesture.

Showcasing The Best Skills[bctt tweet=”The Skills you list in your LinkedIn profile are extremely important as these are keywords for recruiters to search with.” username=”@talentcanvas1″]

If you’re a budding or established subject-matter expert skilled in one or a lot of topics, make sure those topics show up in your Skills listing!

Adding Hobbies, Interests and other information
Every a part of your LinkedIn profile shows others who you actually are!

Don’t let individuals see you as a bland, boring individual by writing your profile Summary using too much of a technical language.

Instead, highlight that you are a smart, vibrant and creative person.

Example of a Good LinkedIn description
“I’m a Software Sales Engineer who is equally passionate about helping customers move their businesses to the cloud and teaching novice-to-experienced users to make the most of the products I represent.”

Also make sure you are publishing articles on LinkedIn to invite more traffic.

Remember that you will attract people WHO share your interests once you begin blogging for yourself. You will attract followers — as well as recruiters and hiring managers WHO might use your help!

Researching Employers
LinkedIn could be a impressive tool for researching prospective employers.

Start by looking out on the LinkedIn user information through the Advanced Search page and by conducting a search on keywords that relate to your function and/or industry, plus your zip code.

That search can happen different LinkedIn users who have “your” keywords in their profiles and who are somewhere within your network.

Scouting Job Opportunities
Use LinkedIn Jobs practicality to seek out job openings however besides applying for those jobs directly through LinkedIn, also connect with the Hiring Managers separately and connect with them.



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