Top 15 Ways To Find, Join and Engage Effectively Using LinkedIn Groups

Top 15 Ways To Find, Join and Engage Effectively Using LinkedIn Groups

To make the best use of LinkedIn Groups, all you need to practise is consistency in engaging with people.

…and this can be done by following the below mentioned tips!

#TIP 1: Post a new discussion every week and invite people to comment and provide feedback.

#TIP 2: Comment on other discussion topics & engage with people further.

#TIP 3: Check the Members in Groups and connect with selected members regularly by sending personal messages.

#TIP 4: Join Groups that have more no of members so that you receive higher traction for your posts etc.

#TIP 5: Withdraw membership from irrelevant groups as and when needed and join relevant groups.

#TIP 6: Start a New Group with collaborators so that all of you can add members to the group.

#TIP 7: Check for relevant keywords via hashtags and comment only on those discussions, if needed.

#TIP 8: Engage every single day, at least on 5 different groups that you are a part of.

#TIP 9: Post queries and seek help in the discussion forums in the form of questions and not just post links. This will encourage people to answer your questions and therefore, engage more.

#TIP 10: Sell your products only in relevant groups and where there are more chances of people buying them.

#TIP 11: Post Job openings or simply share others’ job openings in relevant groups for improved attention and traction.

#TIP 12: Add new members to groups where members are allowed to add more members. Let the members you added know about this gesture so that they may return the favour.

#TIP 13: Wish people on Groups during occasions such as New Year’s eve and Christmas etc. This will improve your relationship with others.

#TIP 14: When you post on your Wall, select the relevant Groups from drop-down and post the same there as well. The most frequently you post and the more useful your post is, the better.

#TIP 15: Share your Business Page URL, Success Stories and relevant News on Groups so that people identify you as an active representative of your organization.

Last but not the least, post URLs of your LinkedIn Pulse articles for people to read and reach your page & comment there!

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