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10 Incredible LinkedIn Home Feed Strategies To Improve Engagement

Your LinkedIn Home Feed is the key to all communication with your connections besides your non-connections!

When you engage regularly on your Home Feed, you receive huge visibility across LinkedIn & your credibility improves manifold.

So here are the key elements on the LinkedIn Home Feed:

☞ Wall with latest posts & News items for you to view, like, share and comment upon.

☞ Your Connections (number), Post and Article Views as well as Groups & most used hashtags.

☞ People, Companies you can follow besides advertisements.

You can also Post an article straight from your Home Feed.

So what exactly can you achieve with your Home Feed? or let me tell you what I have achieved over a period of 8-10 years with my Home Feed:

☞ 16,000+ Connections from the world over.

☞ 1000’s of birthday wishes, literally yes! and 1000s of Inbox messages!

☞ I have closed more than 30 difficult job positions using the Home Feed feature, simply by regularly interacting and commenting on News feeds.

☞ Needless to say, I have earned well using this feature.

Would you like to achieve the same?

If yes, then here are 10 awesome tips to use your Home Feed effectively:

  1. Like, Comment on at least 30 posts a day! This will take about 1 hour of your time, but do it every single day for 30 days and see the impact. You will receive more connection requests, more followers and you will appear more frequently in recruiter searches.
  2. Post an article, at least once a week and share the article to your Wall. Spread the word further by messaging your connections. This will grow your visibility 10X.
  3. Advertise on Groups, at least 5 a day about your Wall Post and invite more people to connect with you. This works in many ways and expands your visibility.
  4. Share your Home Feed wall post to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram besides YouTube if possible. This will highly improve traction and make you 10X more visible to people.
  5. Simple but most effective hack: Use hashtags, i.e., keywords preceded by # sign and see how these keywords get you more visibility. Use this tool free for referring 100s of most searched keywords.
  6. Post more often, if not everyday, at least every two days for improving traction. Share other people’s links, articles and post URLs to make them feel good. Ask them to return your favour if needed.
  7. Share pictures of your workplace, tag colleagues and friends and ask them to share the post. This will make you much popular in a quicker time frame.
  8. Once in a while, wish people Happy Birthday or Congratulations on their promotions by posting a testimonial on your wall! You could tag them as well as put up a picture of your own with them! This will encourage them to return the gesture and in turn make you visible.
  9. Post professional quotes from business leaders, success stories, failure stories and even request donations for your ventures using the LinkedIn Wall. This will create polarity at times and even controversy sometimes, be ready for the challenge and use it to your benefit. P.S.: Avoid posting overtly political messages.
  10. Select at least 5 ew keywords to follow everyday and comment upon! This will expand your visibility as well as encourage people to follow you back.
If you have any more awesome ideas, feel free to write in to me on nandini@freedomwriters.in. Need a free LinkedIn Profile or Resume review? FILL THIS UP.


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