10 Tips For Writing, Editing & Creating An Impressive LinkedIn Profile

10 Tips For Writing, Editing & Creating An Impressive LinkedIn Profile

Your LinkedIn Profile is an asset if you are a jobseeker. If you are an entrepreneur, having an impressive LinkedIn profile can get you business leads, sales prospects, long-term customers as well as a positive reputation!

LinkedIn has a unique mechanism to help you with, unlike your Resume or CV, which is just another document or Image even if you create an Infograph.

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So what sets a LinkedIn profile apart? Here are the top 10 LinkedIn tips that will help you create an impressive online CV.

#1 Quality of Content: What you write must be truthful, real, acceptable and free of errors in grammar and spellings!

#2 Professional LinkedIn Summary: This is the only section which 90% of the recruiters read when they come across your profile, so make sure you have one professionally written.

#3 LinkedIn SEO using keywords: To be found on searches, you must use the appropriate keywords while writing your LinkedIn profile.

#4 Optimized Images and text: A subset of using keywords, make sure the sentences you write are not stuffed with keywords and instead, hold real meaning and value.

#5 Sufficient LinkedIn engagement: Just being on LinkedIn is not sufficient. One must engage with connections, friends and in groups during discussions. The more the engagement, better the exposure.

#6 Recommendations: Recruiters shortlist profiles based on the authenticity and popularity of a professional at times. To sound more credible, LinkedIn recommendations are a must have.

#7 Endorsements: LinkedIn SEO is all about using the right keywords as many times as possible without sounding stuffed. So Endorsements is a great section for avoiding long sentences and simply leveraging on keywords, one at a time.

#8 LinkedIn Group Joins: You must join the correct groups with the correct keywords, titles and discussions and of course, the members you look forward to connecting with.

#9 LinkedIn Connections: 500+ is the ideal look of a LinkedIn Public URL as it talks about how social you are in terms of making an effort to connect to several people.

#10 LinkedIn Pulse: LinkedIn allows users to blog on their platform. Is this not amazing? The platform provides immediate exposure to articles by sending an automatic notification to all connections on our list!

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