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20 LinkedIn Summary Writing Strategies For Robust Personal Branding

Personally Branding Yourself on LinkedIn involves having a rock-solid LinkedIn Summary that breaks the mould!

LinkedIn is a wonderful space to write unconventionally using your own creative styles, as well as upload pictures, videos and website links!

Unlike a Resume that’s typically technical and the length is restricted LinkedIn Summary can be really lengthy with lots of useful information loaded into one profile.

LinkedIn Summary allows a maximum of 2000 characters to be included. Considering it is the first thing passers-by notice on your profile, it is indeed the most significant aspect of your profile.

Here are top 20 strategies that helped me succeed in past many years. I keep alternating these strategies to achieve greater traction and achieve more business results:

  1. Changing LinkedIn Summary every two months! This would include experimenting with smaller paragraphs, styles, formats and even information to attract people with varied backgrounds. Of course, the information must be true and manageable when people start asking you questions! šŸ™‚
  2. Alternating between first person and third person narrative: This has helped me in placing myself differently and get more attention.
  3. Include my Co. advertisements once in a while and forward profile to my prospectiveĀ customers. Though placing ads may not be a great idea always, I did it and attracted more sales!
  4. Creating a buzz by announcing contests on my LinkedIn Summary: This was done again to arouse curiosity and invite people over to the event we were organizing!
  5. Selling my products directly. This I do quite often and generate greater no. of leads!
  6. Asking for donations using my LinkedIn profile summary. This helps tons in gaining traction.
  7. Intriguing others on LinkedIn Summary Section? I have honestly not done this ever, but you must experiment and try this! Post something that creates intrigue and fear and offer a solution in return!
  8. Announcing Your Transfers, home shifts and even wedding on Summary? Sounds outrageous? Well, there must be a strategy to do that as well! Let’s think out of the box.
  9. Using Bullets and Symbols to their best potential. I love using them and they help make my profile look far more stylish.
  10. Experimenting with huge different sets of keywords. You could pull out n no. of keywords using free online tools and expand your horizons by editing your Summary accordingly.
  11. Using LinkedIn Headlines and Background Image that rock! Writing attractive LinkedIn headlines is a skill in itself and helps tons in gaining traction. Likewise, background images make a huge difference too and add to SEO factor as well.
  12. Making LinkedIn Profile Summary visually attractive. By posting awesome pictures, links and videos, the profile summary can be pepped up in colour, presentation and appearance.
  13. Displaying Honors & Awards exclusively on LinkedIn Summary so that people understand your worth.
  14. Putting up and keep varying the LinkedIn profile picture more often. This pulls attention very well and quickly as the way you look, smile on the picture is extremely important.
  15. Adding your degree certificates, Certifications and training certifications. This adds humungous credibility as well.
  16. Displaying your latest CSR initiative pictures and inviting people to view your Summary. This adds fuel to the fire!
  17. Adding Recommendations directly to Summary! This can be done and can prove quite beneficial indeed. You may simply copy past recommendations within quotes and see the impact it makes.
  18. ADDING YOUR TWITTER, FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM handle to your LinkedIn Summary section would be a great creative way to invite people to connect with you on different sources!
  19. Putting up your YOUTUBE CHANNEL DETAILS & adding at least 6 videos can truly help leverage attention.
  20. Including contact information, Phone no, website address and email address helps highly. As recruiters, networkers see your profile, they can directly approach you. Making it public is absolutely awesome if you are seeking new opportunities.

If you have more ideas, get in touch with me on nandini@freedomwriters.in and I will be happy to include them here on this article with your website link.



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